Cold Coasters were developed out of necessity, from the idea of “How can I keep my beer cold until the bottom?” After having a bar side brainstorming session on a napkin, we were able to come up with an idea that would enhance our drinking experience for ever. 

Cold Coasters are made for you, by people like you. We know that daily life may be stressful and sometimes that drink is just what you need to help you relax at the end of a long day. Our goal is to make that experience even more enjoyable by ensuring your drink stays cold and refreshing all the way through.

We strive to make a product you not only will be happy to use but will share with all of your friends and family. Started by a Massachusetts born and now almost Colorado Native who was tired of wasting his last sip of beer. Cold Coasters are made in the USA and shipping out of Colorado. Keep your drinks as cold as the Rockies, be safe and drink responsibly.

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